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Guard N’ Go Mouthguards Self Impression Kit Instructions

Multiple trays have been sent to you in your easy home impression kit. Pick the appropriate size for you mouth. Make sure that your front lip can come completely over the front of the tray and the back of the tray covers your back molars. (not necessary to capture wisdom teeth if present)

Once you’ve selected the appropriate size tray for your mouth it is time to mix the non-toxic dental putty. Wash your hands and ensure they are clean to prevent dirt or dust particles from coming into contact with the putty. Rinse your mouth with water to free up any food matter that may be in your teeth. Once that’s out the way, the base and the catalyst (Blue and white or purple and white colors may vary) are to be blended together by hand similar to balding up a piece of paper however you are intermixing the two colors. There should be no streaks or patches of one color. It is blended properly once you have one solid color.

Once blended to one solid color, the putty is slowly hardening. Roll the putty into a cylinder or log shape . Without applying pressure, apply putty roll to the impression tray forming a U in the arch. Remember your putty is hardening so this process should be done quickly.

Once you have the putty roll inside the Arch of the impression tray it is time to insert the putty tray inside your mouth fully bite down one time stopping once your teeth hits the tray and pull your lip fully over the front of the tray. Push the tray up using your thumbs on each side of the tray to make sure your posterior teeth are captured. Leave inside your mouth for 2-3 minutes while the putty continues to harden. DO NOT ADJUST OR MOVE THE TRAY ONCE YOU BEGIN THE BITING PROCESS AND THE TRAY IS SEATED.

2-3 minutes has passed the material has hardened capturing the anatomy of your mouth and it is now time to remove the tray. With your thumb and index finger you want to grab the handle and slowly shake up and down applying the necessary pressure needed. It will be snug however that’s how to know you’ve captured a good impression and how your guard will securely fit.

Once your impression has been removed, rinse in cold water. Once rinsed, you can now place it in the provided seal proof bag, and package it up in the box it was sent in. Be sure to remove the old shipping label and replace it with the return shipping label that was provided. Once received back in our lab, one of our mouthguard specialist will begin crafting your customized guard.